April 20th: THERE IS SOMETHING ABOUT HOW IT FLOWS – with Sara Stridsberg, Shora Esmailian, Hägerstens Botaniska Trädgård and Ester Martin Bergsmark


Performances and readings by Sara Stridsberg, Shora Esmailian, Hägerstens Botaniska Trädgård and Ester Martin Bergsmark

A curatorial collaboration between Sophie Mörner and Hanna Wilde, presented by Capricious and Högkvarteret.

20 april, 2013
Platform, Färgkontoret, Lövholmsgränd 12, Stockholm, Sweden

We are born out of water, we cry water, we excrete water. Water offers neither a beginning nor an end, it plays with our perception, it avoids being consistent. Yet today, we face environmental crisis; the arctic is melting, the oceans are emptied of fish, and water wars are forming. Water move us in many different directions, and we want to allow it to move us forward.

THERE IS SOMETHING ABOUT HOW IT FLOWS is an evening presenting different aesthetical, political and social perspectives on water. In 2012, New York-based photography magazine Capricious, released a Water-themed 13th issue, in which fifty-five international photography artists contributed. Sophie Mörner also invited Högkvarterets Hanna Wilde to curate a section of text, in which nine artists, writers and activists participated. THERE IS SOMETHING ABOUT HOW IT FLOWS uses this collaboration as a starting point, hosting performances that will give body and space to text and photography.

THERE IS SOMETHING ABOUT HOW IT FLOWS presents with the support of Stockholm stads kulturförvaltning. Photo by Taiyo Onorato and Nico Krebs, graphic design by Hanna Wilde.


19.00 Slideshow: Fifty-five photographers from Capricious #13 — Water
Participating photographers: Rob Bellinger / Sarah Soquel Morhaim / Michael Werner / Charlotte de Mezamat / Marie-Jose Jongerius / Agnes Thor / Sam Irons / D. Bryon Darby / Stepanka Peterka / Martha Fleming-Ives / Sara Cwynar / Seth Fluker / Jacob Ogden / Michael Marcelle / Neta Dror / Luiza Sa / Katheryn Love / Jeanie Choi / Matija Brumen / Willa Nasatir / Christopher Borrok / Philip Gaisser / Bernd & Hilla Becher / David Benjamin Sherry / Tim Trompeter / Kaya Yusi / Kathy Lo / Kyle Tryhorn / Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs / Lisa Requin / Celine Clanet / Anne Hall / Misha de Ridder / Anne de Vries / Liana Yang / Gustav Almestål / Margarita Jimeno / Adi Lavy / Geert Goiris / Ryan McGinley / Laura Plageman / Daniel Beltra / Jeremy Shaw / Kim Hoeckele / Simona Belotti / Stefano Graziani / Lotta Andersson / Martina Giammaria / Kurt Arrigo / Becca Albee / Lina Manousogiannaki / Mark Terry / Linda Hofvander / Allen Chen / Yann Gross

19.30 Shora Esmailian
Author of the book »Ur askan – Om människor på flykt i en varmare värld«

20.30 Sara Stridsberg
Author of the books »Happy Sally«, »Drömfakulteten«, »Darling River«

21.15 Ester Martin Bergsmark
Director of  »Maggie vaknar på balkongen«, »Pojktanten«, »Någonting måste gå sönder«

22.15 Hägerstens Botaniska Trädgård
A music and art project by Johan Eriksson, Sofia Hultin och Ingela Ihrman.


CAPRICIOUS is a magazine, artist book and queer arts zine publisher, as well as a curatorial project dedicated to showcasing emerging photographers. Contributors and subject matter span the globe. And while constant change is a primary Capricious trait, there are also definite common visual threads running throughout its history. Capricious has an affinity for things like animals, androgyny, opposition, reclaimed life, lust, natural as well as urban life, intimacy, revolution and nostalgia. As a vanguard publisher and fine art photography project, Capricious occupies a rare and whimsical space, operating as both a tool for discovering new talent and as an artists’ oasis. www.becapricious.com

HÖGKVARTERET is a room for feminist and queer art, a sprawling and boisterous sisterhood, an ongoing and unfinished story. During 2009-2011 Högkvarteret was a hybrid space in Stockholm, a bar that was a performance stage that was a gallery that was open six evenings a week. Högkvarteret is still a space, moving to different places in order to insist on interstices, on tearing down boundaries, on remaining contradictory. Högkvarteret is a spatiality within which intimate collaborations and collective practices take shape, a meshwork of unarticulated and arduous political fantasizes. Högkvarteret has appeared at locations such as PitchWise Sarajevo, Malmö Konsthall, Silvershed New York, Renseriet, Signal Malmö, Galleri Detroit, Studio 44, and released the publications “Community Action Center, Before and Beyond”, “It’s Not Over”, and “In the Act”.


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IN THE ACT – A SPRAWLING SPACE FOR PERFORMANCE – with Mara Lee, Beata Berggren, Imri Sandström and Hanna Wilde – at Rönnells, April 8th 2013


With Mara Lee, Beata Berggren, Imri Sandström and Hanna Wilde

April 8th, 2013
6.30pm – 9 pm.
Rönnells Antikvariat, Birger Jarlsgatan 32, Stockholm
Entrance: 40 kr
During 2011, 44 international artists, art workers and feminists were brought together within the international performance art project IN THE ACT. In Stockholm, Malmö and New York they met each other and thousands of audience members. In december 2012 IN THE ACT: A SPRAWLING SPACE FOR PERFORMANCE was released, the book that documents and extends all these meetings, works, bodies.

April 8th we invite two of the writers in the book - Mara Lee and Beata Berggren – as well as the curators of the project and two of the editors - Imri Sandström and Hanna Wilde - to perform and read. Also: wine and books for sale.

For more information about the event, please visit the facebook event: www.facebook.com/events/524211314298153/?fref=ts

For more information about the project IN THE ACT and for high res. images, or to order books, contact Hanna Wilde at hanna@hogkvarteret.se.

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HÖGKVARTERET release Jan 26th — IN THE ACT at Studio 44, Stockholm

performance by Elin Magnusson, Vilda Kvist, Imri Sandström and Lap-See Lam

26 januari, 2013
kl. 19-22
Studio 44, Tjärhovsgatan 44, Stockholm
Fri entré

Kom och fira releasen av IN THE ACT: A Sprawling Space for Performance, en bok om samtida feministisk performance utgiven av Högkvarteret med medverkande som bl.a. Mara Lee, Andrea Merkx och Beata Berggren. Kvällen bjuder på performance av konstnärerna Elin Magnusson och Vilda Kvist, samt performance och presentation av två av bokens redaktörer Imri Sandström och Hanna Wilde. Dessutom spelar Lap-See Lam (Disko Dumplings och Grupp Tretton) skivor, det bjuds på skumpa och säljs öl, och böcker finns till försäljning till specialpris.

För mer information om boken och projektet IN THE ACT, se nedan.


IN THE ACT is a sprawling space for emerging performance art. A curatorial collaboration between artist Imri Sandström and curator Hanna Wilde, presented by the Swedish collective Högkvarteret.

IN THE ACT took place over three evenings at Högkvarteret (Stockholm), one evening at Malmö Konsthall (Malmö), one evening at Silvershed (New York City) in 2011, and one convergence in Falträsk (Västerbottens län) in 2012.

IN THE ACT was thoroughly documented. The publication – IN THE ACT: A Sprawling Space for Performance – extends the dialogues and explorations initiated by the project into printed matter. The publication is edited by Corrine Fitzpatrick, Imri Sandström and Hanna Wilde, is designed by Conny Karlsson Lundgren, and contains works and writings by Andrea Merkx, Beata Berggren, Corrine Fitzpatrick, Emma Pilipon, Hanna Wilde, Imri Sandström, Ingela Johansson, Jane Jin Kaisen, Janna Holmstedt, Jeanine Oleson, Jen Rodewald, Jenny Grönvall, Jibz Cameron, Kajsa Sandström, Litia Perta, Magdalena Ågren, Maja Karlsson, Malin Arnell, Mara Lee, Marie Kølbæk Iversen, MPA, Nina Svensson and Sara Young. IN THE ACT: A Sprawling Space for Performance also presents documentation of works brought to life by the 44 Swedish and international performance artists, curators, and writers that the project brought together for mutual explorations of shared interests and themes. IN THE ACT: A Sprawling Space for Performance is a feminist project: a lateral movement, a bilingual conversation, a vision of community as infinite constellation.

For more information, high resolution images, or to order books, please contact curator Hanna Wilde at hanna@hogkvarteret.se or +46(0)708545175.

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Högkvarteret presents IT IS NOT OVER, at Galleri Detroit, September 29th



















– feminist recycling, a map and maybe a mix tape

Galleri Detroit
Saturday, 29th of September 2012
Roslagsgatan 21, Stockholm

IT IS NOT OVER is a one-day installation, a collection, four t-shirts, twelve posters, a book.

IT IS NOT OVER recycles quotes from thirteen feminists from a span of 100 years.

IT IS NOT OVER has asked each person cited, or their attorney, estate, assistant or other person in relation to them, to participate in this project. They have all, more or less, actively chosen to be part of our map.

IT IS NOT OVER is curated and edited by Lisa Requin, Hanna Wilde, and Ebba Requin, with assistance by Abigail Collins.

IT IS NOT OVER is graphically designed and hand printed by Lisa Requin.

IT IS NOT OVER gives special thanks to Emmaus for recycled t-shirts, to JustNu for recycled paper and to all feminists for recycled quotes.

IT IS NOT OVER wants to emphasize that we are mostly uninterested in, and claim no such thing as copyright.

IT IS NOT OVER sells all part of its’ installation/collection, and therefore recommends you to bring cash.

IT IS NOT OVER invites you and wishes you there. Galleri Detroit, 29th of September, 7pm – 10 pm, including a bar.

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August 4th: The third and final episode of Famous Fem(nists)

FEM(INISTS) RUN AWAY TOGETHER – Sprouting Skins and Playing Costumes

Katherine Hubbard (New York)
Hanna Kisch (Stockholm)
Nadine Byrne (Stockholm)

August 4th, 8pm
Renseriet, Bolidenvägen 16B, Stockholm

Curated by: Johan Norling and Hanna Wilde

Presented by Högkvarteret with support of Idyll, Renseriet, Top Nice and ABF Stockholm
Capacity is limited, rsvp full names to rsvp@hogkvarteret.se


FEM(INISTS) RUN AWAY TOGETHER is the third and final episode in a trilogy; an evening about skins that sprout, costumes that play and bodies that are used as sculptures. Fem(inists) Run Away Together asks us how and when a costume stops and a skin begins, how deep inside our body these go, and how extrinsic they can become.

FEM(INISTS) RUN AWAY TOGETHERis an evening that takes its point of departure in George, a girlboy in the core of The Famous Five series who refuses her given name Georgina, and who defies any rule that would force her vigorous imaginings into narrow categories. Dressing and acting in between and outside of gender prescriptions, s/he at times enjoys double benefits, and at times suffers double setbacks.

FEM(INISTS) RUN AWAY TOGETHER is an evening that wants to think and talk about George’s fashion and about all fashion, that wants to talk about our use of clothes, skin and costumes in order to express, hide or stimulate sentiments, ideas, and transformations. Fem(inists) Run Away Together wants to explore the act of un/de/re-dressing as an act that simultaneously escapes and shelters the body, and at the same time depicts and affects that same body, consequently venturing into the unruly.


KATHERINE HUBBARD, floss the barbed subject (2012)

Katherine Hubbard is an artist based in Brooklyn, New York.  She works primarily as a photographer but her practice incorporates performance, sculpture and clothing. She works collaboratively with artist A.K. Burns on their project The Brown Bear, an ongoing exploration into the history of queer aesthetics, most recently exhibited at the Brooklyn Museum of Art.  Her work has been included in the exhibitions B-Out at Andrew Edlin Gallery, Photography Is and Always The Young Strangers both at Higher Pictures and Vision is elastic. Thought is elastic. at Murray  Guy Gallery, all in New York. Hubbard is a graduate of the MFA program at Bard College.

floss the barbed subject (2012)
If vision is a mechanics connected to the mind, and the mind is a field of subjective experience then I posit that we do not see the same things. How does the body think perception?  If perception is of the body and thinking is self reflexive how do we bring mindfulness to that of the body which is taken as a given?  My most recent work is focused on the processes that mobilize desire with a distinct attention to the auto; the self and the same.  It is through the masturbatory engagement with self as an autonomous sexual body that one breaks from the oppressive patriarchal shaming, demystifying or fetishization that gets culturally imposed on the sexual female body. It is the autonomous being that deflates the gaze by not acting with the intention of being gazed upon.  I recognize the physical body as the mediator between personal desires and socially constructed desires and insist on a self-defining ownership over pleasure. The female is sexual and is whole.


HANNA KISCH, I just slipped into something more comfortable (2011)

Hanna Kisch (1986) is a Stockholm based artist whose practice always starts in the use of her own body. Through various mediums she attempts to expand and transform the limiting consequences of a binary gender norm. Hanna Kisch is currently studying in the BFA program at Konstfack, Stockholm.

I just slipped into something more comfortable, 0:44, 2011
This video shows Kisch as she dresses up in a new kind of body. In an attempt to feel sexual beyond, sex, age, race or gender she slips in to another skin, one that allows her to be in control of her shape, texture and appearance.


NADINE BYRNE, How Pure is the Journey? (video +  social installation, 2012)

Nadine Byrne, born 1985 in Stockholm, is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice investigates the hidden or forgotten domains of the human psyche, ritual, and the poetry of meaning not fully expressed, often using the occult as main inspiration. She utilizes this trough film, objects, drawings, sound and costumes. She is a member of the critically acclaimed duo Ectoplasm Girls (with sister Tanya Byrne). She has exhibited and  performed in places like Milano, Rio de Janeiro, Bilbao and Brussels.

How Pure is the Journey? (Film +  social installation, 2012)
Its is a purification of the process of transforming.
It is a ritualistic chain of actions, cycle-like, which aim is unclear and disappearing.
It is hands on grabbing, picking, peeling, stirring, tying, sewing.
It is a merge of many souls, human and not.
It is a journey.


The Famous Fem(inist) is an art event in three parts, presenting a performance and video series during three Saturday evenings, bringing together a total of 11 Swedish and international artists, many of them showing for the first time ever in Sweden.

The Famous Fem(inists) evolves around a teenage novel series from the 1940’s called “The Famous Five” [“Fem-böckerna”].
Each evening starts at 8pm and runs as long as we enjoy it. Besides performances and video works there will be a bar and DJs.

Limited capacity and RSVP is required. Please email full names to rsvp@hogkvarteret.se.
For more information, visit www.hogkvarteret.se or http://thefamousfem.tumblr.com/

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July 28th in Stockholm: Famous Fem(inists) On a Secret Trail

FAMOUS FEM(INISTS) ON A SECRET TRAIL – Collapsing Languages and Rambling Journeys

Imri Sandström (Malmö)
Litia Perta (New York)
Roxy Farhat (Los Angeles)

July 28th, 8pm
Renseriet, Bolidenvägen 16B, Stockholm

Curated by: Johan Norling and Hanna Wilde
Presented by Högkvarteret with support of Idyll, Renseriet, Top Nice and ABF Stockholm

Capacity is limited, rsvp full names to rsvp@hogkvarteret.se


FEM(INISTS) ON A SECRET TRAIL is the second episode in a series of three; an evening about incoherent journeys, constant translations and physical narratives. Disclaiming the notion of any origin or destination and obstinately searching for what is to be found in the in-betweens, Fem(inists) On a Secret Trail ask us what it means to speak, where the crevices to inhabit are to be found, and how to unwrap new narratives outside the regulation of what is possible to say.

FEM(INISTS) ON A SECRET TRAIL is an evening that is desirous of Jo, the Gypsy Girl, a character on the periphery of the Famous Five series who moves in and out of the adventures as she pleases. Known to be unpredictable, annoying and extraordinary, Jo, the Gypsy Girl creates disorder and affective tumults in her wild and inconsequential manners.

FEM(INISTS) ON A SECRET TRAIL is an evening that reaches for Jo, the Gypsy Girls’ rowdiness, and for acts that expose illusions known as truth or reality, about tales that we know in ways that we do not know them, about colliding and collapsing of bodies, languages and narratives. Fem(inists) On a Secret Trail wants to explore spaces where language meets bodies, where bodies turns into languages, and where the boundaries between the linguistically and the physicality are blurred; indulging in the interspaces between truth effects that imprints our consciousnesses.


20.30 Roxy Farhat,
Negerbollen (2007), The Decency Squad (2010), United Colors of Bitchaton – Represent (2012)

Roxy Farhat works with video and performance, creating political satires and utilizing the simple language of popular culture to provoke complicated issues such as ethnicity, gender and the image of the other. Humor is an important element of her work, used as a tool to disrupt our emotional responses to conventional myths and stereotypes in society. Farhat was born 1984 in Tehran, Iran and grew up in Sweden. She is a recent graduate from the MFA program in New Genres at UCLA, Los Angeles and holds a BFA from Konstfack, Sweden. Her work has been shown in multiple venues and cities in Sweden, and in Oslo, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Houston, Oakland and Cape Town, South Africa. She lives and works in Los Angeles and Stockholm. At Famous Fem(inists) On a Secret Trail, she is showing three video works, two of them showing for the first time in Sweden.

Negerbollen, DV, 4:38, 2007
A Negerboll (transl. Negro Ball) is a Swedish pastry, a chocolate ball. In colloquial speech, “negerboll” is a common word for a chocolate ball. In this video the artist literally embodies the pastry in an attempt to illustrate the reducing effect that structural, linguistic aspects of racism and xenophobia have on an individual level.

The Decency Squad, HDV, 3:25, 2010
A fictive rap group of religious Iranian dress code enforcers perform a 90’s style rap video on the streets of Oakland. The result is a complex mesh of the history of resistance and the ideology of repression.

United Colors of Bitchaton – Represent, HD, 3:53, 2012
Roxy Farhat & Sarah Cromarty Feat. EJ Hill

”I love my girls and they love me back
We’re like an army of fierce and you’re under attack”
Classic rap video roles are subverted as the unshaved, feminist and queer harmonize in this 3 minute 53 second frenzy of stilettos, glitter and sausages where the struggle is a party and (almost) everyone is invited.


21.00 Litia Perta and Imri Sandström, Giving Voice

We asked two of our favorite people and writers to come together and make something for The Famous Fem(inists). Giving Voice is the result, and the first performance collaboration of Imri Sandström (Malmö) and Litia Perta (New York).

Litia Perta is a wanderer, writer, thinker, a sometimes artist and teacher who currently hails from Brooklyn, in New York City.  She emerged from Berkeley’s doctoral program in Rhetoric exhausted but unscathed and has been recovering from academia ever since.  Her current projects include a memoir shaped something like an albatross; a documentary project on wimmin’s lands in the Pacific Northwest; and an archival endeavor on the world’s first female astronomer that includes a lyrical imagining of the small New England island from which she came—an island governed predominantly by women in the middle of the nineteenth century.  She is interested in transformation, and in collaborating with others to develop innovative ways (aesthetic, pedagogical, spiritual) to support the metamorphoses we came here to live through.  This is her first time in Sweden.

Imri Sandström is a Malmö based artist whose practice involves text, sound and still and moving image, often interwoven in the shape of performances, best described as musical intermedia lectures. She uses multi faceted composition in exploring historical and literary linkages, acts of reading and writing and the implications of live. Invested in historical thinking, musical organization and religious language, her work re-writes/-tells historical narratives and narrative positionings. She attended the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen and Umeå Academy of Fine Arts, where she received her MFA in 2008. 2010 she received an additional MFA in Sound art from Dramatiska institutet (The University College of Film, Radio, Television and Theatre) in Stockholm and EMS (Electroacoustic Music in Sweden). She is also a founding member of the experimental electronic lo-fi pop band Kids of the Ranch.www.imrisandstrom.com

a performance/a text by Imri Sandstrom & Litia Perta

This piece explores the act of reaching into the archives, and the absences and presences found there, the silences and quiet whispers, the hummings right at the edges. We turned our ears, listening for fragments from the nineteenth century, listening for fragments of women speaking – for themselves – for a movement, creating movement. Combing through histories of small and particular communities within both Sweden and the United States, looking for these words, we find small signal fires of women having been there, women having spoken, written, thought. This work culls from those archival searchings: generating language from records scattered and faint, weaving it into texts, translations, transmissions. These movements hearken back to a time past while mingling absolutely with our present. And the question curling its way around us all the while is what are the pitfalls, the redemptions, the potentialities of giving voice?


The Famous Feminist is an art event in three parts, presenting a performance and video series during three Saturday evenings, bringing together a total of 11 Swedish and international artists, many of them showing for the first time ever in Sweden.

The Famous Fem(inists) evolves around a teenage novel series from the 1940’s called “The Famous Five” [“Fem-böckerna”].

Each evening starts at 8pm and runs as long as we enjoy it. Besides performances and video works there will be a bar and DJs. Limited capacity and RSVP is required. Please email full names to rsvp@hogkvarteret.se.

For more information, visit http://thefamousfem.tumblr.com/

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Pictures from FAMOUS FEM(INISTS) GET INTO TROUBLE, July 21st at Renseriet, Stockholm

Thank you to everyone who came and made the evening so special. Special thanks to Malin Arnell, Liz Rosenfeld and Dynasty Handbag for amazing works and to Lap-See for DJing.

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July 21st in Stockholm: MALIN ARNELL, LIZ ROSENFELD and DYNASTY HANDBAG get into trouble

Renseriet, Bolidenvägen 16B, Stockholm

The Famous Fem(inists) is an art event in three parts, evolving from the teenage novel series from the 1940′s called The Famous Five [Fem-böckerna]. The Famous Fem(inists) brings together a total of 11 Swedish and international artists, many of them showing for the first time in Sweden.

Curated by Johan Norling and Hanna Wilde
Presented by Högkvarteret with support of IdyllRenserietTop Nice and ABF Stockholm

Limited capacity and RSVP is required. Please email full names to rsvp@hogkvarteret.se


July 21st
- Enfleshed Confrontations and Noisy Fractions

with Malin Arnell (Berlin), Liz Rosenfeldt (Berlin) and Dynasty Handbag (New York)

Five Get Into Trouble is an evening about acting out, about memberships and exclusions, and about failing to be legitimate as a politically chosen project. Enduring in spaces of darkness and non-belonging, rejecting the limited offer to belong within the parameters of legitimacy, Five Get Into Trouble negotiates the cluttering spaces in-between intimacy and power.

Five Get Into Trouble is an evening that emanates from all the “dirty villains” and “ill-mannered baddies” that inhabit the Famous Five series, often described as vicious, filthy and queer. With “dwarf-looking fellows”, “drab women looking the picture of misery”, “awful tempers” and uncountable confrontations, the Five Get Into Trouble book is one that calls for a lot of action.

Five Get Into Trouble is an evening that indulges in all these outlaws, in all that is unrestrained, in politically activated bodies, and in orchestrating border crossings. Five Get Into Trouble wants to explore action and the actions of taking back what has been stolen, the making of noise and the creating of fractions; on a voyage for infinite radicalizations of our imaginations.


20.30 MALIN ARNELL »Something is missing, action, 2012«

Malin Arnell (*1970) is an interdisciplinary artist based in Berlin. She was a founding member of the feminist artist and performance group High Heel Sisters (2002-2007). Since 2005 she is a co-founder and an art-worker in YES! Association/Föreningen JA! Currently she is part of the collective reading project ‘I want a president…’. Her work has been shown at Moderna Museet, Stockholm, KIASMA, Helsinki, Tramway, Glasgow, The Kitchen and CCS Bard, New York and September Gallery, Berlin. www.malinarnell.org

»Something is missing, action, 2012« Nothing is sufficiently stable. 
(There you are). 
A rope, maybe a rafter. 
Something is missing. 
The text. The roof. The ladder. 
Takes hold. 
Against the window. 
Forgives no one.


21.00 DYNASTY HANDBAG »Eternal Quadrangle«

Jibz Cameron is a performance/video artist and actor who lives and works in New York. Her work as her alter ego Dynasty Handbag has been seen at international dives both great and small. She has been heralded by the New York Times as “the funniest and most pitch perfect performance seen in years” and “crackpot genius” by the Village Voice. She has received awards from Dance Theater Workshop (2008), Franklin Furnace (2008), Mondo Cane! (2010), and Kindle Project (2011, 2012). She is an adjunct professor of Performance and Theater studies at TISCH NYU. She is currently an associate performer with the Wooster Group. www.dynastyhandbag.com

»Eternal Quadrangle« (2012) is new video work by Jibz Cameron; a green screen adventure in with Dynasty Handbag on a dating game show where she must choose between 4 contestants vying for a spot in her vast cosmic emptiness. The bachelors are: an aggressively ambitious professional golfer, a hard-luck stray dog, a disembodied brain, and, of course, the grim reaper himself. All have attractive qualities and perhaps sustainable methodologies for dealing with life, but must she choose just one? And why are these her only choices?



Liz Rosenfeld (b.1979, New York, NY) is a Berlin-based artist utilizing modes of performance through live and recorded moving images, conjuring queer history and memory, while also questioning the use of nostalgia. Rosenfeld’s work has been shown internationally at venues including The C/O Gallery Berlin, The Tate Modern, The British Film Institute, The Hammer Museum, The Kitchen, and Rivington Place. Rosenfeld was profiled in the May 2011 edition of Art Review. www.lizrosenfeld.com

»BACKROOM« is a 20-minute performance, in which the artist is blindfolded in front of an audience, enacting an improvisational memory performance recalling past experiences from summer camp when she was 11, and cruising in backrooms of gay bars. As the performance unfolds, these juxtaposing memories reveal a mirroring into what it means to pass in different kinds of “backrooms.”


Following July 21st, The Famous Fem(inists) will take place on July 28th and August 4th. Each evening runs between 8pm to midnight. Besides performances and video works there will be a bar and DJs.
For more information, visit http://thefamousfem.tumblr.com/




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HÖGKVARTERET presents THE FAMOUS FEM(INISTS) – an art event in three parts about bodies, power and summer, at Renseriet, Stockholm

21st of July: Fem(inists) Get Into Trouble
Malin Arnell [Berlin], Dynasty Handbag [New York], Liz Rosenfeld [Berlin]

28th of July: Fem(inists) On a Secret Trail
Imri Sandström [Malmö], Litia Perta [New York], Roxy Farhat [Los Angeles]

4th of August: Fem(inists) Run Away Together
Hanna Kisch [Stockholm], Katerine Hubbard [New York], Nadine Byrne [Stockholm]


The Famous Fem(inists) is an art event in three parts about bodies, power and summers, presented at Renseriet, a newly established scene for contemporary art and culture in the meatpacking district of Stockholm.

The Famous Fem(inists) gathers performance and video artists, whose work explores and expands the very boundaries and intersections of these mediums; interdisciplinary practices consciously failing to stick to the discipline that has fostered it. This series of three evenings presents their work in a collaborative context, and attempts to create a space for renegotiating and dislocating narratives concerning time, space and identity.

The Famous Fem(inists) evolves around a teenage novel series from the 1940’s called “The Famous Five” [“Fem-böckerna”]. In the center of the story we find Five, a group of teenagers who spend their school vacations together solving mysteries. Five’s persistent and temperamental resistance to rules and boundaries of every kind leads the way for their summer adventures, as well as for the curatorial framework for The Famous Fem(inists). As an invitation to three endless nights of Nordic light, The Famous Fem(inistis) approaches the summer as a contemplating spatiality in between the past and the future, as a time and place for disrupting and violating confinements as well as for imagining new ways of contemporary beingness in this world.

The title The Famous Fem(inists) is a interlinguistical play, reaching for what is to be found in the margins, within which the original title of the books [The Famous Five] merge with a feminist rereading. In this play the number five [translates fem in Swedish] not only represents the fem-inist foundation of the project, but also frames the number of involved artists and curators per evening.

The Famous Fem(inists) brings together a total of 11 international and Swedish artists and curators. With different and overlapping approaches, their practices all investigate narrative constructions in collaborative, social and relational projects. Framed by the theme of each evening, The Famous Fem(inists) brings the artists and curators together to penetrate each other’s work and re-present them collaboratively. Consequently, The Famous Fem(inists) wants to gaze away from the singularity that comes with the final art object as well as with the individual artist, and inhabit a perpetual process of collectively re-making  intimacy and desire for change.

The Famous Fem(inists) is presented by Högkvarteret, a Swedish headquarters for contemporary queer and feminist art, and is curated by Johan Norling and Hanna Wilde. With support by Idyll, Top Nice, and The Workers Educational Association of Stockholm (ABF).

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Högkvarteret news March 2012: CAC-zine & Högkvarteret at Armory panel

»Community Action Center, Before and Beyond«
Contributors: Malin Arnell, Eden Batki, A.K. Burns, Kajsa Dahlberg, Clara Lopéz, Litia Perta, Stargëizer, A.L. Steiner, Hanna Wilde, and all the makers of and performers in the films. Graphic design: Moa Edlund

Högkvarteret is thrilled to announce the release of the long- yearned-for -zine from our project »Community Action Center, Before and Beyond«. The project, presented at Konsthall C and Bio Rio in Stockholm during the summer of 2011, was a collaboration by Malin Arnell, Anna Linder and Hanna Wilde, presenting the master piece Community Action Center together with a range of other films. The zine, partly documenting and partly extending the fathoms and correlations initiated within the project, is a fine result of those summer nights. Co-edited by Malin Arnell, Hanna Wilde and Clark Solack, the zine compiles different voices and perspectives on the renegotiation and complexification of the term porn. Presented within it, you find some of the artists, writers, curators and performers whose time, bodies and minds are crucial for our different and shared communities.

The zine, available in a limited edition, can be purchased through info@hogkvarteret.se, for $10 or 70 SEK, plus postage. The zine can also be purchased at the panel Breaking with homogeneity at Armory Show, New York, Sunday March 11th, were several of the contributors and artists are participating, or at the MoMa screening of Community Action Center, Monday March 12th  (see below for more info).


Högkvarteret on panel at THE ARMORY SHOW: OPEN FORUM
March 11, 2012, 2.30 – 3.30 pm
»Breaking with homogeneity«
Participators: Malin Arnell, A.K. Burns, Åsa Elzen, Clark Solack, Hanna Wilde Moderated by: Litia Perta

This year’s OPEN FORUM presents discussions between New York and Nordic based artists, art historians, curators, critics, directors and dealers. The talks will draw on the distinctions and affinities between the socially engaged artistic, curatorial, writing and administrative practices of the two geographic regions. All talks will take place in The Wall Street Journal Media Lounge on Pier 94 or at the VOLTA NY 7W Talks Lounge For more information, visit:



PS and a Högkvarteret :
New Yorkers, don’t miss two events next week:

1.Modern Mondays-screening of »Community Action Center«, Monday March 12th, at MoMa. Besides the screening of the master piece, a Q&A moderated by Judith Jack Halberstam will follow. Not to be missed, obviously. And the above mentioned zine will be there, to get your hands on if wanted.
For more info and how to get tickets: http://www.moma.org/visit/calendar/film_screenings/14648

2. Long-time Högkvarteret-collaborators, Queering Yerevan, from Yerevan, Armenia, will be in New York for a presentation of their book project »Queered: What’s To Be Done With XCentric Art«. Wednesday March 14th, Word Up Community Bookstore 4157 Broadway (at 176th Street)
Washington Heights, NYC 10033. 
For more information, see facebook event here:http://www.facebook.com/events/341209222590090/

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