• Högkvarteret as CCC.
  • Högkvarteret is an incoherent idea.
  • Högkvarteret is absolutely certain and fluid.
  • Högkvarteret is true and false.
  • Högkvarteret used to be a gallery, a performance space and a bar in Stockholm that presented a countless number of shows and events six evenings a week.

Högkvarteret is now a Curatorial Collaborative Collective. A space that moves to different spaces in order to explore the possibilities of encountering and collaborating. A buoyant existence without the limitations that otherwise exclude and bore us. Such as consumption, such as the individual, such as mortgaging ourselves for illusions.
Högkvarteret as Curatorial Collaborative Collective is queer, feminist, and intersectional.

  • CCC bears an inexhaustible interest in the in-betweens, the transcending and the contradictory.
  • CCC creates and participates in spaces and contexts that do not exist, until we say they do. Collective spatialities that evolve through eponymous practices, that challenge our own and others’ conceptions of the possible, the passable, the beautiful. New rooms with new views.
  • CCC believes that the art of change can get its spark from art. The spontaneous, the unarticulated, the limitlessly ambitious.
  • CCC believes that we need to be able to dance to the revolution just as much as we need to decorate it with art.
  • CCC knows that we will always be surprised by what we don’t know.


Högkvarteret is a Swedish headquarter for contemporary queer and feminist art. Between 27th of August 2009 – 28th of May 2011 Högkvarteret was a hybridization of a bar, a gallery and a performance space at Närkesgatan 8 in Stockholm, presenting six evenings a week filled with art, music and performances. For more information about these two years, go HERE.

Since May 2011 Högkvarteret exists as a curatorial collaborative collective, with an inexhaustible interest in the in-betweens, the transcending and the contradictory, and takes place in different sites, projects and forms. For more information about our past and current projects, go HERE.

If you wanna collab with us, hire us, invite us, present us, challenge us, please contact:

Högkvarteret was founded by:

HANNA WILDE is a curator and producer interested in collaborative practices that explores and re-formulates the impossible and the imaginary. Her work engages in the creation of queer and feminist spatialities, alternative realms and parallel realities, which exist in a border country in between history, the present and visions of the future. She bears a particular interest in interdisciplinary practices that interpret and relocate conceptions of identity, power, bodies and narratives. In 2006 Hanna Wilde co-founded the queer feminist art collective Idyll and in 2009 she co-founded Högkvarteret. Amongst the shows and projects she produced and curated are: »Androgynous Portraits« by Sophie Mörner at Galleri Riche (2007), the literature salon »Semafor« (2009-2011), the Queer Arab Art Festival »Fi Taharrok« (2010), »American Fragments« by Julia Gillard at Galleri Lundh Åstrand (2011), »Community Action Center and Beyond/Before« at Konsthall C and Bio Rio (2011), »Transnational Vision – Crossing Borders, Translocation Positions« (2011), »In The Act« (2011-2012). Hanna Wilde has a bachelor degree in gender and queer studies.

ELIN SANDSTRÖM LUNDH is a producer, curator and writer with a bachelor degree in gender studies from the University of Stockholm. Her work is focused on creating alternative spaces for queer, feminist and great art. In 2006 she co-founded Idyll, a collective based in Stockholm producing queer culture through web, film festivals and exhibitions. In 2009 she co-funded Högkvarteret and since then she has been one of the head producers and curators running the space. Elin Sandström Lundh is the author of the book »Vi är misfits« that she wrote together with Christoph Fielder, a travellers guide to queer and feminist activism in the US (Normal Förlag 2009). She is also Lundh of Galleri Lundh Åstrand, a gallery with a special interest in video art, installation and conceptual art, that she founded in 2007 together with Anna Åstrand. During the years the gallery has changed from being Stockholms smallest, to the most mobile, and since their relocation to Högkvarteret in 2009 to one of the most visited. Galleri Lundh Åstrand will most likely be spotted in the suburbs of Stockholm in the future.

EBBA REQUIN is known to be the brain behind Högkvarteret – part creative presence, part administrating secretary, full time moral support. She has a bachelor soon to become a master degree in history, film theory and philosophy, and an unceasing interest in queer/feminist film, photography and music, and everything that relates to sports. Since 2007 she has been involved in the production of several events produced by the art collective Idyll, and in 2008 she co-invented Högkvarteret, which she later on co-founded and co-ran.