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Galleri Lundh Åstrand operated in between the in betweens at Högkvarteret.

Nestled in between the bar and the stage, the art presented in the gallery emerged as a surprising element rather than something obvious. Our goal was to present the work in concert with the interior; the furniture, the people. At the same time the space itself challenged the art to stand out and make its way amongst all that was Högkvarteret.

We strived to present art as something more than aloof aesthetics; we wanted it to be a integral part of social life. Our goal was to move away from the idea that art is something that you seek out only in certain spaces. By certain people. We wanted it to be easy. Not to say that the art itself is supposed to be easy or elementary. Just accessible. We strived for width and depth, surface and acuity, criticism and commentary within a variety of expressions and themes.

At Galleri Lundh Åstrand you’d find what you couldn’t find anywhere else. Our exhibit periods were three weeks with one week for rearranging. All year.

Contact: gallerilundhastrand[at]gmail.com

Earlier exhibitions:

27/8–22/9 2009
Sofia Hultin
29/9–20/10 2009
Maria Nordin
27/10–17/11 2009
Vilda Kvist
24/11–22/12 2009
Fête galante
12/1–9/2 2010
16/2–9/3 2010
Klubb rekonstruktion och
Ote Dunér 16/3–20/4 -10
Helena Wallberg
27/4–18/5 2010
Umayyah Cable
11/6–4/8 2010

Cecile Emanuelle Borra,
Elin Elfström & Tobias
Larsson 27/7–17/8 2010

Ottonie Trobeck
27/8-6/9 2010
Karl David Larsson
14/9–13/10 2010
Gustav Samrelius
20/10–16/11 2010
Amy von Harrington
23/11–14/12 2010
Ida Lennartsson
11/1–1/2 2011
Tomas Stark
9/2–5/3 2011
Chaza Charafeddine
17/3–7/4 2011
Julia Gillard
19/4–14/5 2011
17/5–28/5 2011