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Years ago we had a vision of a warm place serving affordable food and drinks; something vegetarian and organic and satisfying and inexpensive. But this place didn’t exist. So we built it.

At Högkvarteret we served up simple but good food. Our lovingly curated vegetarian menu, which changed every three weeks, included vegetarian sausages & burgers, stews, salads, pasties, cheeses and indulgent desserts. And we always had at least one vegan selection.

Bottle of beer?
We did our best to stock local, organically produced beer as well as some great imports like:

Indianviken Pale Ale... a Swedish organic beer brewed just outside of Stockholm.
Whistable Ale... an organic ale from Great Britain.
Åbro Sigill... an organic lager from Sweden, our well-appointed, super cheap house beer.
Pelforth Brune... a small and sweet dark beer from France that is not organic but is damn good.
Trashy Blonde Ale... a self declared "postmodern beer for punks", fruity and delicious; an “alternaive” beer.

On tap?
Falcon… a Swedish “ugly beer”. That means a lot of beer for a squinch of money.
Staropramen Granat... a Czech brew. Very ample and a little bit dark.

Our cocktail menu ran the gamut from classy to creative. Some were permenant classics while others made only cameo appearances. Amongst them...

Lena… this 50’s soda shoppe-style milkshake is updated for our vegan friends– made with soy milk and cuarenta y tres.
Kanelish… Cinnamon vodka, cava and apple juice topped off by cinnamon flakes. Recommended for those who’d liek to get “kanelish”– a Swedish term
for meaning “perfectly drunk”.
Hannas… a very strong and luxurious concotion for real imbibers who enjoy the flavour of actual booze. Gin, Campari and fresh pressed lemon juice.

Moncaro Trebbiano… the cheapest wine is never really the best wine, but this thrifty number is pretty damn ok. White, light, dry italian wine that reminds of pears, peach and almond. Good paired with anything and everything.
Bianca di custoza Otto Marzo... a white, organic feminist wine from Italy. That’s right, a feminist wine. And on top of that it’s also organic.
Moncaro SangioveseItalians know reds. They just do. Like any good house wine, this berry one lingers on your tongue all night. For gulping, not sipping.
35 south carmenére… a passionatly made organic red from Chile. A full wine with undertones of coffee, green pepper and mature fruits.

Coffee? Espresso?
We had it all. Except tea. Espresso, cappucino, latte, all organic, regular milk or soy.